Unique Bars on the Main Line

Whether it’s a night on the town or drinks after work, the White Dog Cafe is the best spot for cocktails on the Main Line. With an eclectic ambiance and diverse drink selection, we are more than an average bar restaurant. Our full wine list consists of varieties grown and bottled from American vineyards. We choose wines that are made free of insecticides, pesticides, and synthetic fertilizers. We also serve only fresh, local craft beer that doesn’t contain preservatives for shipping and storage. Also, our liquors and cordials are house-infused for specialty cocktails.

Happy Hour

Join us Monday through Friday from 4 - 6pm at either White Dog Cafe for Happy Hour! House wines, draft beers, and infusion cocktails are on special, along with a bar menu featuring local delicacies. Our small and large plates offer artisan cheeses, salads, snacks, and sandwiches for those craving something heartier. Order a few of your favorites to share or enjoy for yourself.

As a sustainable bar restaurant, we strive to build lasting relationships with vendors for all of our offerings. That’s why we work with local breweries and vineyards to ensure we are serving fresh beers and wines. We buy these products locally so we understand where they come from and how they are grown and produced. We avoid buying beers and wines that use preservatives and other harmful chemicals to protect the well being of our customers and the earth. We also buy locally to strengthen community development and keep our dollars circulating.

We invite to join us for cocktails at any time.

Logo of White Dog Cafe - Our Philadelphia, PA Cafe supports sustainable farming methods and the use of fresh, organic ingredients.
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