Image Map of ingredients source at - Our Philadelphia Main Line restaurant supports sustainable farming methods and the use of fresh, organic ingredients.
Barnegat Light, NJ
Produces: Scallops
Griggstown Poultry Farm Princeton, NJ
Produces: Chicken
Fruitwood Orchard, Monroeville, NJ
Produces: Seasonal fruit, honey
Blue Moon Acres, Buckingham, PA
Produces: Lettuce, microgreens
Shellbark Hollow Farm, Westchester, PA
Produces: Goat cheeses, goat
River & Glen, Bensalem, PA
Produces: Seafood, Shellfish, Oysters, Game
True Leaf Micro Greens, Phoenixville, PA
Produces: Micro basil, purple cabbage, pac choi, amerinthe
Cayuga Pure
Brooktondale, PA
Produces: Grains, polenta, cornmeal
Lancaster Farm
Fresh Coop,
Leola, PA
Produces: milk, maple syrup, heirloom tomatoes, vegetables, cheese
Birch Run Hills
Chester Springs, PA Produces: Blue
cheese, veal, pork
Green Meadow
Gap, PA
Produces: Beef, turkey, peaches, raspberries, zucchini, squash
Sweet Stem
Lititz, PA
Produces: Chicken, Lamb, Pork
Univercity City: 3420 Sansom Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19104  (T) 215.386.9224 Wayne: 200 Lancaster Avenue, Wayne, PA 19087  (T) 610-225-3701
Logo of White Dog Cafe - Our Philadelphia, PA Cafe supports sustainable farming methods and the use of fresh, organic ingredients.
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Welcome to White Dog Café in Philadelphia

White Dog Café is happy to welcome guests to our two locations in the Philadelphia area. Originally founded in 1983 by social activist Judy Wicks, White Dog Café is based on the values of hospitality, environmental sustainability, and award-winning contemporary American cuisine. White Dog Café began as a café in Philadelphia on the University of Pennsylvania’s campus. It has expanded to the Main Line restaurant scene, as one of the most unique restaurants in Wayne, PA.

Main Line Restaurants: A Farm to Table Experience beginning with a Café in Philadelphia
White Dog Café is more than just a Philadelphia or Main Line restaurant – it represents community development brimming with relationships that help one another flourish. It’s about not only helping our local economy grow, but also preserving the environment and enriching the health of our customers. Most of our dishes are prepared with local, organic ingredients for a number of reasons. Local food is fresher and tastes better since it does not need preservatives added to travel long distances. Working with local farms gives us the ability to offer unique, seasonal items that could not otherwise make it from a far distance.

Our café in Philadelphia enjoys building trustworthy relationships with local family farms to strengthen our community. In season, we purchase as many ingredients as possible from local farmers who grow food naturally without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. All of our meat, poultry and eggs are purchased from family farms who raise animals on pasture with respect and kindeness. Knowing the source of our food – whether it’s fruit and vegetables, meat, seafood, wine and beer, chocolate, or Fair Trade coffee and tea – helps us protect our customer’s health. We choose food from farms we trust, that avoid the use of pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, genetically modified seed, or other harmful chemicals.

We’ve now brought White Dog Café’s values to Main Line restaurants to share our love of food and promote environmental sustainability to restaurants across Pennsylvania. In addition to our al la Carte dining, we also host a number of wine tastings, dinners, and farm tours. We look forward to your joining us in our café in Philadelphia or Main Line restaurant!